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Leather Budy seeks to partner with disgruntled earbud wearers

Perhaps the item that should be given the distinction of the eighth wonder of the world is the item that most effectively keeps earbud wires untangled. It seems that this particular unsolved mystery is one which nearly every creative and inventive person seeks to unravel, and Leather Budy is no exception. The newly emerging earbud wire taming gadget attaches to a button on a shirt or blouse to help keep earbuds in place when in use. Then the wires can be folded into the holder to keep them from getting tangled so that they are easily unwound and quickly available for the next use. It’s made of 100% Italian leather, and comes in multiple colors.

Great idea as long as one doesn’t wear anything without buttons down the front. Interested backers might also want to check out the Mous Musicase, MagClip, and earMC campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise €2,800 (~$3,500). Early bird backers get their very own Leather Buddy for €9 (~$11) with an expected delivery of February 2015.

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