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Light your ride up with the XKChrome connected light kit

It’s easy to spot a souped-up car enthusiast: in traffic. Just look for a car that looks like its straight out of Need for Speed or a Fast and Furious movie. Considering the kinds of under-the-hood and aesthetic upgrades these cars have, it’s no wonder their owners are always on the look out for something that can make them stick out.

The team behind the XKChrome is hoping to illuminate the undersides and interiors of cars and motorcycles everywhere with the smartphone-connected lighting kit. Users will be spoiled for choice with XKChrome’s 16 million color palette that can be customized for various occasions, even syncing to music playing for a spectacle of a light show.

More practically, it can serve as an extension of the brake by illuminating red along with it along with making repairs easier with the abundance of light coming from the LED strips doing the work. It connects using iBeacon and Bluetooth Smart technology, allowing users the option to always know where they parked, lighting up when near to single it out among the crowd. $129 gets backers a standard car or motorcycle kit packaged with 16 pieces of LED tubes and the XKChrome waterproof controller, due to ship December 2015. The campaign is looking for $5,000 by December 4th, 2015.

XKChrome is inventive but certainly not revolutionary. Still, enthusiasts will enjoy its connected nature and the kind of shenanigans it enables along with the ways it blends fun with safety with its Smart Brake feature. Additional, more tech-lusty upgrades auto fiends might want to invest in are the Hudway and Fuel Brake.

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