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Lumenati CS1 transforms iPhone’s form factor into that of a Super 8 camera

A growing number of smartphone enclosures are being introduced via crowdfunding sites that promise to improve the photo capabilities of the phones’ cameras.

patent-claimedThe Lumenati CS1 follows the recent IndieVice and olloclip Studio. But the CS1 offers a unique twist, mimicking the form factor of an old Super 8 camera. Users can opt to filter video taken with the camera like an old Super 8 movie or shoot in HD with the aid of optical quality lenses. The device also lets users add filters after they shoot and change them on the fly.

After popping an iPhone into the CS1, the user will be able to frame and record a steady, stable shot with the pull of the CS1’s intuitive trigger, according to its Kickstarter campaign. A cold shoe, meanwhile, allows users to attach lights, microphones and extra handles for sport shooting. Lenses can be swapped to shoot in wide angle, fisheye and telephoto. The CS1 will ship in February and cost $249 at retail, but Kickstarter backers can get it at early bird pricing of either $150 or $199. Its maker has set a campaign goal of raising $75,000 by Aug. 12.

There will likely be at least some consumers who will find the Super 8 form factor appealing. But it’s hard to tell from the campaign video alone just how well the CS1 duplicates the look of Super 8 film. Its potential audience is also limited by its limited smartphone support. The CS1 is compatible for now with the iPhone 6. But backers will have the option of getting either the current iPhone 6 version or one for the next-generation iPhone that’s expected to bow this fall. Android support is being eyed, meanwhile, for a future Lumenati model.

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