LUUV steadies your camera for extreme sports capture

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 12.26.18 AMCatching footage of extreme sports can be a challenge. The shaky camera work genre made popular by The Blair Witch Project is so over. LUUV makes it possible to catch great footage even when you’re in motion. This camera stabilizer separates the motion of your hand from the camera so that the camera stays still, even when you don’t. And unlike other stabilizers, there’s no need to apply a second hand or figure out the optimal weights. with its vase-like design. It is adaptable to work with either phones or compact digital cameras, especially the ubiquitous (in these circles) GoPro. LUUV’s German creators are looking for $299 for one of these nifty devices. They hope to feel the luuv and raise $50,000 in their 55-day run on Indiegogo.

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