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Maître Limuzin carts groceries from market, cash from the bank

Maitre Limuzin  20140315092213-man[1]While city life can be exciting, it can also get complicated, especially when it’s time to go shopping. In highly urbanized areas, it’s often easier to bike or walk from place to place. Hence: the Maître Limuzin shopping tote on wheels. Touted as the next generation of personal trolleys, this pricey piece of glorified urban luggage and its accessory system is handmade in Germany. Priced at €1,650 for the carbon fiber version, it’s obviously aimed at those with some serious cash; this mini limo-bag ought to drive itself to the market and do your shopping, too! A similar item can be found on Amazon for a fraction of that and it still looks stylish. Nevertheless, expected delivery for the carbon fiber version is September 2014 with the stainless steel version going for a bit more.

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