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Mars Bluetooth speakers levitate, more impressive than David Blaine

Should there be a robot-led apocalypse in the future, there’s no doubt the majority of their ground forces will be comprised of portable Bluetooth speakers. It’s easy to see, too: the last few years have witnessed a onslaught of speakers in all manner of sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. With all these options, though, it has become difficult to really capture a consumer’s attention.

For Hong Kong-based crazybaby, this isn’t a problem at all. Their Mars portable Bluetooth speaker has the unique distinction of incorporating levitation in an effort to improve acoustic fidelity, and looking mighty cool while doing so. The speaker sports a 360°, UFO-like shape, so no one in the immediate area is spared audio quality as there’s technically no back to it. Its aircraft-grade aluminum design also makes it a stunner while still being able to take a few tumbles thanks to its shock and waterproof design. Mars is also magnetized, so users can take it along with them and clip to a bike or pretty much anything else for up to eight hours. A successful $100,000 campaign will see the $189 Mars levitating speaker shipped in April 2015.

The Mars levitating speaker is simply impressive, and isn’t as expensive one would think something as sleek and functional would be. A companion app allows users control over neat tricks like proximity-based volume adjustment, an old but well-executed idea that makes the Mars sleeker than it already is. The bullet-like Archt One also spreads sound around equally and looks good too, but the Mars speakers levitate.  

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