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Memo Box reminds those who forget to take their meds

Taking medicine consistently and on time can seem pretty easy, but even after a few days most people will start changing times or forgetting altogether. For the elderly and those close to them, most medicine has to be taken for the rest of their lives so the risk of forgetting is compounded. The seven day pill box is the classic tool to manage this all but its design has remained firmly rooted in the past.

TinyLogics has designed Memo Box to be the 21st century version of the seven day pill box. This connected medicine box not only reminds users to take their medication, but will also alert others in your circle to whether or not they have and does so all without a ridiculous amount of tech. The Memo Box is simple in that it only uses a sensor tracking when it is opened as the basis to remind users of missed doses and prevent double dosage. Such little technology doesn’t get in the way of its smarts, though. Intelligent reminders leave users alone when they’re on schedule, while the Memo Box itself learns from a user’s habits and shifts dosing schedules according to its record of openings. It’ll even cry for help when left behind by sending users a message! A Memo Box is currently sporting a special backer price of £28 (~$45) with an estimated delivery date of May 2015. The campaign has a funding goal of £30,000 (~$47,000).

The Memo Box is versatile in that in can hold pills, other smaller medicine boxes, and even inhalers if you get the premium version. It’s attractive in its simplicity and stretch goals tease other colors like navy and pink. A similar product is the Amiko which is wearable and includes much more tech at a predictably higher price point. Any tech at all can confound someone unfamiliar with it so as much as Memo Box does does to innovate in this space, accessibility will remain key and will ultimately be the deciding factor. With their simplicity, they’re heading in the right direction.