Method Lights stick to the ceiling; illuminate your Picasso’s

Those who invest in an art collection know that the only way to display it is to use good lighting. Without the proper illumination, beautiful paintings and photographs can get lost on the wall.

Method Lights are one such way to light artwork. These lights feature control over dimming, temperature and timer. Best of all, these settings can be controlled with a  remote, making it easy to adjust from around the house. The battery runs for up to 200 hours. In addition, installation is easy, involving a peel and stick method to the ceiling. The product itself is white and features a single beam of light that goes as bright as 800 lumens.

The campaign calls this product the “perfect picture light”. While it’s certainly a good picture light, it doesn’t really stand out from other lights. Though its easy installation is a nice plus for those who don’t want to put holes in their walls. One goes for $125 for delivery in February, provided Method reaches its $2,000 Kickstarter goal.

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