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Miops Mobile offers new ways to operate your camera from your phone

editors-choice-300x96Accessories that allow a photographer to access all the controls of their interchangeable lens camera from the palm of their hand have become increasingly popular.

Miops Mobile is a wireless camera remote that uses a smartphone’s capabilities to offer creative trigger modes including vibration, sound, motion, distance, and time-lapse. It connects to the shutter release port of the camera and communicates with a smartphone over Bluetooth. The app works with unspecified mobile operating systems.

Miops Mobile ships in April. Future pricing isn’t provided. But Kickstarter backers can order it for a pledge that starts at $69 for early birds who want a Remote Pack and $99 for those who opt for the Full Pack that includes a remote, dongle and flash adapter. Its makers hope to raise $50,000 by Oct. 23.

There is always a potentially huge target audience for camera accessories like this. But it’s a very crowded market that also includes Pinout and many other devices. However, what sets it apart from at least some competing products is that it features a High Dynamic Range option and a “Scenario” mode that combines any of the available trigger options.


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