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Monkey Latch limits monkeying around when switching camera accessories

It is often inconvenient when switching tripods or other accessories on an interchangeable lens camera. That’s because the mounting plate is often different. Monkey Latch camera mounts solve that issue because the system uses a one-click design that allows photographers to make quick changeovers from one accessory to another.

The Monkey Latch system is universal, working with all cameras using a ¼-20 mounting point. The system includes four products: a base plate that fits perfectly under a single-lens reflex camera and can be used with many other variations of digital cameras; a tripod mount that works with all tripods having a ¼-20 mounting screw; a pack mount attachment that works with most backpack straps; and a sling mount attachment that works with any sling that has a ¼-20 mounting screw.

Backers who pledge $60 CAD (~$50 USD) will get one base plate with either a sling or tripod mount. Those who pledge $70 CAD (~$59 USD) will get a base plate and a tripod and pack mount. The company is looking to raise $25,000 CAD (~$20,900 USD) on Kickstarter.

The mounting system seems promising–as long as it indeed can be used interchangeably between Canon, Leica, Nikon, Pentax and Sony cameras, as its maker claims.

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