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Motivo Tour reinvents the walker, brings it up close and personal

The Premise. Many walkers used by senior citizens are bare-boned and badly designed. They have few options for comfort and require a stooped over stance to use. The few that do have seats don’t have a wide enough seat for larger users. In addition, they aren’t very versatile and don’t fold up well.

The Product. The Motivo Tour takes walker design to a whole new level. This travel aid allows the user to walk upright and tall with four wheels on the bottom. The seat is removable and stores when not in use. It comes with a foldable table that has a cup holder and plenty of room to hold food. Motivo also offers different design and pattern details (the flames one is particularly fetching) to add for some extra sass when strolling around town. This product is made of a lightweight material that makes it easier to contend with steps.

The Pitch. Motivo’s campaign video shows the creators discussing their product with senior citizens and asking for their input on design. The rest talks about the inspiration for the product from both of the creators’ parents who needed to use walkers. Motivo needs to raise $75,000 in a 30-day Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. One Motivo Tour costs backers $365, $390, $395, and $415. All tiers include a graphic set, except for the $395 level. Tiers go up to $5,000 with an estimated delivery date for the product of November 2014.

The Potential. The Motivo Tour looks much more sophisticated and well-designed than other walkers, especially as the campaign compares it to walkers that consist of a basic metal frame with tennis balls on the bottom. Top-rated walkers, such as the Hugo Elite Rollator Walker, offer seats and cargo holders as well, but don’t allow for the seat to be folded back up when walking. This feature lets the Motivo expand and contract so that the seat is wide and comfortable when sitting, but also so that the body isn’t too wide when trying to get around. It is quite a bit more expensive than other similar products, but the ease of use and thoughtful design will make it desirable for those who benefit from such assistance.

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