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Mous Musicase docks earbuds in an iPhone case

We all spend tons of time try to detangle our earbuds. What may feel like half a lifetime of wasted time is being tackled by Mous Musicase. The plastic mobile phone case has a built in system that allows earbud wires to be unrolled when ready for use, and then retracted when it’s time to put them away. The wires stay consistently attached to the phone until the user disconnects them.

Currently, this product is only compatible with iPhone 5, but if the campaign does well, iPhone 6 will be included. It looks like the case is only compatible with one type of earbuds, which may be difficult for backers who go through a lot of earbuds with little brand loyalty. Backers who don’t have iPhone 5 and are looking for a potential way to keep their earbud wires from tangling might want to check out the MagClip campaign. This campaign seeks to raise £10,000 (~$15,700) by December 8, 2014. For £17 (~$27), backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2014.