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Mouse-Minder lets your smartphone know when it humanely captures rodents

When there’s a mouse scurrying around an apartment or a house, many people are simply content with getting rid of it as quickly as possible no matter how it’s done. For others, there a variety of reasons why getting rid of a mouse lethally go against their ethical or moral beliefs.¬†Well, someone has built a better mousetrap.

The Mouse-Minder is a humane, non-lethal mouse trap designed to never hurt a mouse in the process of its capture. What sets it apart is its use of Wi-Fi to send an owner an email when a mouse is caught for timely retrieval and relocation. Its round design ensures for easy cleaning afterward so as to be used again if necessary. The Mouse-Minder campaign is looking for $119,200 in funding in order to ship the $65 product out by December 2015.

The Mouse-Minder lasts about a week with a set of 6 AA batteries, which are easy to find and recharge. However, this trap catches only one mouse while others can catch up to 30. Although there may be a demand for this product from big-hearted home and even business owners, most people just want the little critters gone.

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