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MyHue delivers notifications with soothing, customizable lights

myhueLooking at your phone to read incoming notifications is already an outdated concept. MyHue, like many other one-pixel displays, uses different colors or flashing patterns to turn a piece of modern art into an informative light fixture. The colors and shades can be customized, as can the materials that the light travels through to let you know when your phone is a-buzz. Additionally, the MyHue uses induction charging to keep devices powered. It’s not the first time a device like this has been crowdfunded, and it’s not even the most fully-featured of its kind. The fact that the product grew dull before its 2-minute pitch video was done speaks volumes. MyHue goes out to backers that pledge $60 in October 2014 and will be successful upon reaching its $45,000 goal on Kickstarter.

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