Neck Warmer keeps winter chill away so you can build more snowmen

Outdoor winter activities are always much more enjoyable when one is warm and comfortable. And there’s something about a handmade hat or scarf that typically makes it more effective and durable than a mass produced product.

Neck Warmer is a scarf is made of micro fleece on the inside, so it’s wonderfully warm. The fabric on the outside is stretchable, so it will fit pretty much anyone. There are many design options available, as well as fabric options such as stretchable velour, polyester, lycra, and polycotton.

There have been several scarf project campaigns in the past like the Cartesian. Backers who enjoy outdoor winter activities may also be interested in Lovemebloncho and Funnell. This campaign seeks to raise $1,000 CAD (~$860 USD). Backers get one product for $30 CAD (~$26 USD) with an expected delivery of January 2015.

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