New wearables innovation report now available

It’s no surprise that the record for most-funded Kickstarter project was set — twice — by Pebble, a pioneer in smartwatches. After all, wearables require a level of imagination, attention to personal style and leading-edge tech that have been the hallmark of crowdfunded projects.

Part of the Product Innovation Pipeline Report series produced by Reticle Research, the latest Wearables report includes complete campaign data and profiles for all wearables featured on Backerjack in the fourth quarter of 2014. Those 45 curated projects, which include smartwatches, child locators, video glasses, pet finders, and stress management products, are essential to understanding innovation happening in the red-hot field of wearables.

If you’re a retailer looking for tomorrow’s next hit, manufacturer hoping to capture some intellectual property or investor in wearables, it’s the best way to get a sense of consumer financing for products before they even hit the market. Tap into open innovation to learn what ideas are winning, which are diamonds in the rough and which just aren’t resonating.

Until the end of April, the Q414 Wearables report is $299, a $100 savings.

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