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Nicotrax connected cigarette case helps you to kick the stick

Even though smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the world, millions still do it every single day. Most of these people know how to quit, too, but it’s been proven that simply knowing how to doesn’t make it any easier. In any case, most solutions deal with the chemical dependency created by a smoking habit while ignoring the social and mental aspects that also contribute, making it very difficult to truly quit.

Nicotrax is aiming to give smokers a lot more support with its Bluetooth-connected cigarette case. Its Bluetooth-connected cigarette case tracks cigarette use over time with the accompanying iOS or Android app. Each time one is taken from the case, it relays information about the time and location taken along the people the user was with, all in an effort to identify unknown triggers.

Over time, Nicotrax uses this information to determine the best times to send motivational alerts (a picture of family, a quitting reminder, direct feedback from a certified counselor) or content aimed at distraction (an article, video, a game) to empower those who use it. Rounding out its capabilities are its suggestions for nicotine supplements, making it a versatile tool for those serious about stopping. The Nicotrax connected cigarette case is priced at $90, with an estimated ship date of January 2016. The company is looking to raise $50,000 by September 12, 2015.

Projects with similar goals include Mynus and The Quitbit, both interesting because of the vastly different ways they consider the act of quitting. The former weans smokers off of nicotine through step down filters, while the latter incorporates tracking features like those of Nicotrax but through a lighter’s form factor. They’re nowhere near as fully featured as Nicotrax, though. Its direct connection to certified counselors is a standout, a helpful feature in a holistic approach, but one that may prove costly down the road.

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