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Oar Inspired teaches you the right way to row, row, row your boat

As activity trackers have given way to digital workout coaches, each sport has begun to receive tools that are priceless in improving one’s technique and form. To handle this task for the sport of rowing, there’s now Oar Inspired. Oar Inspired is essentially a fully-featured suite of devices designed to measure every aspect of the row and then report it through the on-boat computer that is easy to attach and is protected from the environment on the open water.

The RowCom display of the computer displays this data in real-time, meaning that not only can things be improved for next time, but adjustments can be made in the middle of the race to right the ship. Also, this data is fully customizable, so that whatever metrics are most important can be displayed where they are easy to read and interpret. Australian inventor Des Jacobsen is asking for $70,000 AUD (~$60,000 USD) to release Oar Inspired. The complete Oar Inspired set starts at $990 AUD (~$850 USD), though if single components are desired instead, those are available at lower tiers, shipping in February 2015. It may be a niche, but ultimately all fitness coaching devices fall under this umbrella. Passionate rowers will love Oar Inspired.

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