Odin is a puzzle for your pooch that pumps out treats

Giving dogs an opportunity to exercise helps to keep them healthy and trim. While this is something that owner and pet can do together, on those occasions when Fido’s alone, he can also be motivated to do it himself with dog toys such as the Odin.  And dogs are often best motivated with treats.  This toy comes with built in compartments that allow owners to hide the treats, creating a situation whereby their canine pal must push, paw, and sniff their way to enjoyment. This toy seems like one that can grow with one’s pet in that it is modular, and designed with the intent of additional pieces for the future if proper backing can be obtained. For a solution to pets who tend toward sneaking away with their treats, owners might like to check out the Pawda GPS tracking device. This campaign seeks to raise $25,000 by November 13. Early bird backers can get one toy for $25 with an estimated delivery of April 2015.