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Out There: Typhoon F1 promises flying car, offers flights of fancy

Out There is a feature that highlights weird, wacky or woeful projects.

Now that it’s 2015, everyone’s wondering, “Where are those flying cars that the Back to the Future movies promised us?” Well, engineers and scientists are saying that hovercrafts and the like are still a few years away. But wait! Clearly, they haven’t perused Indiegogo’s current campaigns!

Typhoon F1 is a flying car! Woah, what?! Yes. According to the Indiegogo campaign, the Typhoon uses magnets, rotors, fans, lots of fancy words, and a lithium battery to fly around. It can take off directly from a driveway and fits conveniently into any garage. Typhoon acts like any car with a gas pedal to go, a brake pedal to stop and a steering wheel for direction. A button, yes a button, is what controls takeoff and landing. While it doesn’t resemble a DeLorean, it does look like something out of Star Trek

Now, unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the car itself isn’t available in any of the reward tiers. But for $10,000 backers can choose their own reward. Great Scott! A donation of $10,000 earns a giant question mark. Who could beat that? Perhaps losing that amount is enough to convince any backer that there’s simply no way this thing will ever come to fruition. The creator of Typhoon F1 is looking for a cool $250,000 to fund the dream.

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