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OXA Bluetooth headset sticks to your phone, performs other tricks

Some devices were meant to go together; keyboards and mice, headphones and MP3 players, smartphones and Bluetooth headsets. OXA is a Bluetooth headset that eliminates the headache of having the phone but not the headset. With silicone suction, the OXA sticks discretely to the back of the smartphone, removing easily when needed. This way, the two devices stick together.

OXA can also function as a Bluetooth bridge between the phone and the car, streaming audio and phone calls, and even helping to locate a parking spot if the OXA was left in the car. The OXA can even work as a stand to hold the phone upright if it is left on the phone’s back. OXA Innovations is trying to raise $10,000 to get the best sound quality from the device. Supporters can stick an OXA Bluetooth headset to their phone for $29 in October 2014. Backers shouldn’t expect the best quality or the most feature-rich device here, but if losing Bluetooth headsets has been a recurring problem, then the OXA will fix that in an instant. If this has been a long-standing problem, readers might recall the MoGo attempting to fix it, and may prefer to stick with that over the OXA.

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