Pakpod tripod could become a must-pack accessory for photographers

Cameras keep getting smaller, but most tripods remain as heavy as ever and can’t be used for underwater photography. Pakpod, however, is a versatile tripod that’s been designed to stand on or suspend from just about anything using a variety of stakes. It will even work underwater, and –- at 15.5 ounces –- is lighter than many other tripods on the market.

patent-claimedPakpod was constructed with stainless steel and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a thermoplastic polymer, and is both waterproof and freeze-proof, according to its Kickstarter campaign. Its quick-lock design is patent-pending. In addition to smartphones, GoPro and other action cameras, Pakpod was designed to also be used with mini-LED lights, iPads, sound recorders and microphones.

The tripod is expected to cost $99 when it ships in March, but early backers can get it for a reduced price of $79. Its maker set a goal of raising $27,000 by Nov, 5.

Photographers who shoot nature shots or who value the Pakpod’s ability to adapt to a range of environments will be drawn to the it based on its versatility alone although the underwater functionality will likely appeal primarily to factor for action videographers. Those who need a specific ball head attachment will have to spring for that separately because Pakpod’s maker left one off to enable the tripod to be paired with many different devices and keep the price down.

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