Panlight sets the plan right to remotely position cameras and flashes

Professional photographers use a beefed up flash system for extra light. They’ll set up these speedlight flashes and then move around to get the best shot. Unfortunately, to adjust the flash, they have to lower down the stand, angle the flash properly and hope it’s in the right position.

Panlight uses a remote control to adjust the speedlight for you. From up to 100 feet away, the photographer can move the flash up and down 180 degrees and 360 degrees around. In addition, Panlight offers the perk of being able to attach your camera to it in order to control that remotely as well. This will let your DLSR reach new heights of photography without having to climb a ladder. This product works with standard tripods and camera stands. It can support mirror-less cameras up to two pounds. To power, use four AA batteries.

This is certainly a nifty device that will help tons of photographers. Weddings in particular are difficult to photograph because there’s so much going on. A remote control will certainly make the entire process easier. It’s too bad, though, that Panlight is powered by batteries. A rechargeable battery would make more sense. However, there’s always the possibility of running out of juice in the middle of a wedding, in which case spare AA batteries would come more in handy than having to recharge. For £95 (~$149) backers will receive their very own by March 2015. The UK made Panlight is looking to raise £23,000 (~$36,000) on Kickstarter.

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