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Peacetong interprets foreign languages so you don’t have to

The inability to understand foreign languages is often a major problem while traveling abroad. While this can be alleviated if a traveller learns a new language before arriving, not everyone has the time to do so.

The makers of Peacetong are out to change that with separate devices that will allow users to quickly interpret both live voices and other audio emanating from a TV. The Personal Interpreter portion works in combination with a planned app designed to work on both Android and iOS devices, two Bluetooth headsets, and one Bluetooth microphone to interpret conversations. The Video Interpreter, which is used to interpret any audio coming from a TV, is a separate device which resembles a portable radio. It operates by keeping the original sound intact and adding an interpreter’s voice over it. Users can connect the device to their TV via an HDMI port. The anticipated retail price of the Personal Interpreter is $400 while the anticipated retail price for the Video Interpreter is $465. A Personal Package which includes one of each is expected to cost $800. Both products will ship in September if Peacetong’s makers canraise $100,000 by April 23.

Peacetong’s concept is promising as there is undoubtedly a market for such a product. But the need for separate devices to achieve what one device could probably do seems to be a major drawback. Another negative is that the Personal Interpreter is unable to interpret audio from a phone call, even though it was designed to be used with smartphones. That said, its creators say that such functionality will be an option added later on via a free app update in the future.


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