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Piconizer storage device holds onto photos, frees up iPhone’s memory

As smartphones have replaced traditional cameras due to their high quality, most opt to take photos on their phones. However, photos and videos take up lots of storage space. IPhones in particular can get quite expensive with more storage space. This is why most opt to buy an iPhone with smaller storage capacity.

Piconizer recognizes this inherent truth and wants to keep iPhone photo-taking alive. This storage device is compatible with all iPhone 5 and 6 models. Simply insert into the lightning connector and the accompanying app will open up. This allows users to select photos from their phone that they want on the device. Once uploaded, these photos can be deleted from the phone freeing up storage space so that no photos get thrown out for the sake of extra GBs. Piconizer also features a microUSB port so that photos can easily be uploaded onto any computer or laptop.

Piconizer is just like a thumb drive for iPhones. It comes in several different storage amounts starting at 32GB. This is a great tool for those constantly on the go. However, most know that photos can easily be shared to the cloud or directly uploaded to any computer to free up phone space. Still, it’s nice to have a physical backup of photo files in case the computer crashes. For a 32GB version, backers will need to donate $49 for estimated delivery in March 2015. Piconizer is looking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

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