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Pip pings pooches, passes on perpetuating perennial payments

One of our biggest worries concerning our four-legged friends is the possibility of them getting lost. Microchips work only 50% of the time, while Bluetooth trackers only function in a very limited range. Pip is combining a Bluetooth-capable receiver with a GPS and a CDMA radio in order to keep tabs on your pet’s paws no matter where they may wander off to.

Pip relieves the dread that comes along with a pet’s disappearance by simply being attached to a collar. It’s combination of utility interfaces with the PIP companion app to show a pet’s location with an accuracy of five feet. It also tracks activity as well, keeping you in the loop on the benefits of your pooch’s tail-chasing session. The device boasts a three month battery life because of its low-power mode when in safe areas, and with Kickstarter backers enjoying no fees for the lifetime of the product, Pip provides peace of mind outside of pet protection. International folk are out of luck though, due to its CDMA radio. In any case, Pip is going for a hefty $179 and is expected on doorsteps by June of 2015. The campaign is trying to raise $50,000 by mid-December 2014.

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