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PlayDate lets you play with your pets even when you’re apart

Cats and dogs love to play, but pet owners can’t always be home to do that with them because of other commitments, including work and travel.

PlayDate is a remote-controlled ball toy that engages dogs and cats, and records HD video of them playing with it. The pet owner controls the interactive camera remotely from anywhere, via an app on Android and iOS mobile devices. Pet owners can hear their pets through a microphone in the ball and also speak to the pets through a speaker in the ball.

For durability, the outer shell of the ball has been built out of thick, shatterproof polycarbonate. The outer shell is also replaceable. PlayDate ships in December at $249. But Indiegogo backers have been able to order one for a $169 pledge. Its makers raised $526,637 by May 27.

Just about any cat or dog owner may want a device like this. The only small negative about the product is that its battery only lasts for about 30 minutes of play time. But its makers say they might change that based on feedback they receive from long-term beta testing.

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