PocketMaker 3D offers 3D printing for pocket change

The concept of 3D printing brings to mind images of large, very technical machines designed to print out intricate creations. The PocketMaker 3D is here to prove that smaller printers can be as good.

The small, almost handheld printer can be a low-cost introduction to the world of 3D printing¬†or an addition to an experienced maker’s 3D printing arsenal. With it, users can either wirelessly transfer their own custom 3D models from their computers to the device or select a model from dozens of options in the PocketMaker 3D’s companion iOS/Android app. No matter how it’s done, the printer can spit out something practical like an ashtray or something more decorative like a Mickey Mouse figurine.

Either way, its form factor is perfect for creating smaller items, making it a handy alternative to shelling out a huge sum of money for a more elaborate setup. A standard PocketMaker 3D goes for $99 and is expected to ship May 2017. The product’s fixed Indiegogo campaign is looking for $70,000 by December 4th, 2016.

The PocketMaker 3D’s companion app does wonders to simplify the process of printing out simple objects with just a few taps. The problem lies in not being able to find what’s needed, forcing users to really learn some modelling software. Still, its versatility is handy in bridging the gap to more advanced uses. The MiniCut2D¬†also introduces 3D printing to the layman, but with the even simpler premise of taking what’s already drawn and bringing it to life.

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