Kids/Babies Wearables

Pomb is a wireless panic button for kids

Whether parents want to admit it or not, the world is a different place now. While older generations could play and go on adventures on their own, now a child’s safety is at risk of injury or predators.

The P.O.M.B. (Peace of Mind Bracelet) is a comfortable rubber bracelet that can be worn by a child as a safety measure or panic button. With just a tap, a notification will go to the registered parent’s phone and alert them that their child is having a problem. The fingerprint scanning technology will lock and unlock the device as well as disable the alerts for programmed friendly users. With $10,000, inventor Tasha Ann Dunlap can have her team of engineers finish production on the P.O.M.B. for parents and kids everywhere. At this time, no reward tiers include the finished product.

It may seem like a big responsibility for a child, but kids will quickly feel safer knowing that they can call their parents whenever there’s an emergency. It would be great if backers could get their hands on the first batch, but on a conceptual level it’s hard to argue with the P.O.M.B.’s mission statement.