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Portable Flicks lets you watch flicks, listen to music anywhere

It would be convenient when having a party if the same portable electronic device could be used to show movies and other videos, as well as listen to music wirelessly.

Flicks does exactly that, combining a Bluetooth-enabled audio system with a 720p HD LED projector in one box. Music can be streamed from a smartphone or tablet, while movies can be watched via an HDMI connection from media devices including Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast and Roku streaming sticks. The projector’s lens displays a 100-inch image at just over eight feet away. The full-color RGB LEDs provide solid image quality with strong color saturation and 700-lume brightness using Texas Instruments DLP technology.

The creators are fielding two SKUs: Flicks at $599, offering up to four hours of movie-viewing or up to 28 hours of Bluetooth music, and Flicks Range at $699, offering up to eight hours of movie-viewing or up to 56 hours of music. Its makers are hoping to raise $50,000 in funding. They will ship the product in May-June 2015.

Flicks holds great promise, especially among home owners who frequently throw parties. The alternate target audience of consumers making business presentations seems a bit more of a stretch because they likely won’t be looking for a projector that offers Bluetooth music streaming as well.

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