Portable Lap Tray aims to offer wheelchair users ergonomic ease, convenience

People who need wheelchair assistance often face the challenges of an environment that isn’t very ergonomically friendly. This can have an impact on many activities that others take for granted, from taking notes in a classroom to using a computer and even eating.

The Portable Lap Tray was invented to help bring these folks some convenience. It is touted as being compatible with any kind of chair. However, it is questionable if it would be very effective for left-handed users because of its right-hand oriented design–much like the old right-hand oriented desks of the 20th century from about the 1960s or so.

Backers looking for mobility assistance might want to check out the Movi Transport Chair. This campaign seeks to raise $15,000 on Indiegogo. It appears that the tray itself is not available to backers, but for $75, backers can get a DVD of some kind of fashion show, a slightly confusing reward.

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