Powerguard Greenhouse keeps rodents away so gardeners can play

During the warmer months, gardening can be a great form of relaxation and enjoying the sun and fresh air. It’s an added benefit that a vegetable garden not only offers fresh food, but allows the gardener complete control of how those veggies were grown and treated.

Powerguard Greenhouse offers a safe way to keep rodents, deer and other animals from damaging young plants. It’s not entirely clear what the containers are made of, but they are fairly see-through for allowing the user to track the growth of the plant. It is also touted as extending the growing season of plants, but does not detail in exactly what way. The size of the products makes them ideal for those living in urban areas, as well as apartments, condos and homes in suburban areas. They also stack easily for winter storage in a shed or garage.

Any way to keep animals away from plants without hurting them is certainly a welcome addition to the gardening market. Urban backers may also be interested in Garden@Home, and commuters may appreciate GroUrban. This campaign seeks to raise $25,000 CAD (~$21,600 USD). For $40 CAD (~$35 USD) backers get three products with an expected delivery of March 2015.

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