Printed-light has no moving parts, is actually not printed

Adding a little extra light to a workspace or lounging area is often as simple as just finding a suitable table lamp. Printed-light is basically an LED table lamp suitable for any room in the house or personal office space at work. Operated by a proximity sensor, it allows the user some control over how much light is being given off. It doesn’t have any moving parts and can be run by a laptop computer, which might be the one significant thing that sets it apart from the standard table lamp outside of its shape, though there are other lights out there that can be run from a laptop. So, unless one just happens to like the unique shape, it’s not really clear how this particular LED it is an improvement over what is already available on the market. Other LED lights that backers might want to check out include Nimbus and the Phantom light. This campaign seeks to raise £7,500 (~$11,800) by November 30, 2014. Early bird backers get one light for £150 (~$240) with an expected delivery of December 2014.