Rambling hipsters can now find solace by the soft light of the Tack lamp

Nomadic urbanites have to think carefully about what belongings they drag from apartment to apartment. Matt Lim’s Tack tries to make it so that the awkwardly sized lamp needed to read, work or relax by isn’t the first thing sacrificed before a move.

Tack users have the choice of attaching its main body to the wall using a magnetic strip, with the option to move it in a variety of different positions depending on the amount of light needed. Or the water bottle-sized lamp can live off the wall and function as a standalone, portable light for different rooms.

Its smart touch switch remembers the brightness level the last time it was on, with a maximum brightness of 1200 lumens. When off, it functions as a night light as well. Each Tack goes for $50 and is expected in May 2016 should its $60,000 campaign see success by February 15th, 2016.

Tack is a simple, utilitarian solution to something that isn’t the biggest issue, but one nonetheless. Lim’s design makes an annoyance and pleasure, and that takes good thinking. True techies bemoaning its lack of connected features would do well to looking at the USB and Bluetooth speaker toting BROOGS Smart Lamp instead.

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