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Reach For Me does more than just alleviate your itch

One of the most annoying things is an itch on one’s back that is perfectly positioned to be completely unreachable.

Reach For Me offers an option that functions as more than just a back scratcher or shower brush. It has multiple attachments that also allow it to be used as a cream and sunblock applicator, exfoliating pad, massager, mirror, foot file, hair remover and fake tan applicator.

Since it folds up, it stores well and travels well, and the telescopic feature allows it to extend to the ideal length to suit one’s needs. This seems like a useful product worth checking into further, especially for those who do a lot of traveling. Jet setting backers might also want to check out NeXstep, Toiletries Bathroom Travel Case, PentaBox, and Flip Clip.

This campaign seeks to raise €40,000 (~$45,400 USD) by March 6. For €30 (~$34 USD), backers get one product with an expected delivery in April of this year.

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