ReVault uses wireless storage to back up your smartphone, keep stuff close at hand

Day in and day out, the smartphone does a lot for the smartwatch, but what does the smartwach do to help the smartphone? As it turns out, one thing it can do is help back it up.

What sets the ReVault smartwatch apart from its rivals is its ability to back up devices wirelessly. The device enables users to securely access and sync their files across all devices without an Internet connection. It connects to other devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Users can set up ReVault to auto-backup and auto-synchronize files across their devices. A 32-GB version will cost $269, while a 128-GB model will cost $404 when ReVault ships in January.

Revault will ship in a choice of tapered stainless steel, stainless steel mesh or black leather watch band, but will also come with a converter making it possible to wear the device around the neck or use it as a pocket device. Its maker set an Indiegogo campaign goal of raising $65,000 by June 18.

The backup functionality that ReVault’s maker is stressing may be enough of a differentiating factor to convince come consumers to give it a shot. But, particularly with cloud-based options abounding and plenty of strong competition, it stands to be a much tougher sell to most.

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