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ReVolt3000 breathes new life into dead car batteries

The Premise. The average lifespan of a car battery is under three years. Most people deal with a battery that won’t hold a charge at some point and for many, the solution is to simply go out and buy a new battery, then throw the old one away.

The Product. The ReVolt 3000 gives consumers another choice. This device allows consumers or businesses to recharge dead or dying batteries and give them at least triple their original life span. Working with multiple battery types (NiCad, NiMH, and Gel-cell, aside from the standard fare), the ReVolt3000 reduces the amount of built up lead sulfate, eliminates short circuits, and gets batteries working like new again. Even some batteries that have been laying around for years in disrepair are able to become marginally useful. Users will only need to give each battery in their home no more than 8 hours of use with the ReVolt3000 every year to stay in top shape.

The Pitch. Inventor Tom Hoops outlines what the ReVolt3000 is, and what its impact can be. He starts by explaining the economic angle of saving a family money in the long-term instead of buying new batteries, but then takes the more philanthropic route of outlining just what kind of waste a discarded battery creates,  and how using the ReVolt3000 as an alternative is a smart decision for the planet. There are plenty of pictures of prototype kits to help explain the hard science behind the device. The campaign is looking to raise just $16,000 to begin production and distribution.

The Perks. Backers can start recharging their batters at the $250 tier, promising to arrive by July.  A 12-month warranty is also included. For $30 more, the limited second batch of ReVolt3000s are being sent out to arrive in June, while the highest tier at $300 gives backers a complete, tested pre-production model sent out by April.

The Potential. Most people think of a battery with no charge that needs a jump-start as a dead battery, but the ReVolt3000 can truly take all manner of non-functioning batteries and bring them back to life, at a method that is accessible to the general public in terms of ease of use and price point. Based on Tom’s own math presented in the video, the ReVolt3000 may not be the best solution for an individual with a single vehicle, but at the very least it is certainly a step towards eco-friendliness.

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