Revolution Hybrid Magnetic Golf Tee improves drives, gives way under pressure

Golf tees are an essential part of getting the best drive. However, their simplistic design hasn’t been update in quite a while.

The Revolution Hybrid Magnetic Golf Tee puts a new spin on the traditional golf tee. This product consists of a base that sticks into the ground and a magnetic tee that holds the ball. Since the base is always stuck into the ground the same way, the tee remains at the same height, making it easier to hone those driving skills. In addition, the tee gives way when the ball is hit, cutting down on resistance so that the ball goes farther.

As with many sports devices, the real question is always: does it actually work? The argument that the ball will go farther is a little doubtful, but the consistent tee height should be enticing to golf enthusiasts. Backers can have their very own on Kickstarter for a donation of $13 with estimated delivery in April 2015. The Revolution Hybrid Magnetic Golf Tee (whew!) hopes to raise $10,000 in its campaign.

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