Ritot lets you know the time and texts like the back of your hand

RitotShades of Star Trek the Next Generation have hit the watch industry. In what way? Ritot allows its users to project the time as a sort of holographic image. A miniaturization of the projection clock that wowed us in the 1970s, the time piece offers an option of either a bracelet or sporty band style and projects either 12 or 24 hour time in over 20 colors. It also offers a phone app that projects notification of incoming calls, text messages and more. It may be a way to overcome the limited real estate of watches or simply a way to impress friends, neighbors, and coworker. However, it seems like overkill for those who rarely let their phone out of their sight or hearing range.  It also seems a bit pricy at $100, even if this is $60 off the anticipated retail.

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