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RoboRanger serves as your personal safety device

Portable safety devices can come in really handy when there is an emergency. But many of them require being tethered to another device or Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, which a lot of consumers –- especially senior citizens – don’t often have.

RoboRanger is a water-resistant personal safety device that features a loud, 130-decibel alarm, around-the-clock monitoring, and friends/family notification. It also has a standalone connection to 911 and provides 24/7 coverage virtually anywhere in the world, its makers say. Plus, it connects directly to GSM and GPS without a smartphone or other device. It requires one simple motion to activate during an emergency situation: users just have to pull its pin and that will activate the alarm and transmit the user’s exact location to a professional 911 response team.

RoboRanger ships in July and its future pricing is set at $149. But Kickstarter backers have been able to order one for a pledge starting at $79 for early birds. Included is one year of free emergency service. Its makers are out to raise $25,000 by Nov. 25.

There have been several portable security systems before this. As with many similar products, however, some consumers may be turned off by the added expense of the service. After the first free year, there will be a charge of $79 a year for RoboRanger service. The product name may also be an obstacle because it doesn’t seem to offer any clue as to what RoboRanger does.


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