Roka filter uses sand, charcoal to filter water for plants, makes for healthier growth

Plants are only ever as healthy as the water they’re given. Most pay little attention to the quality of the water they use for their plants. Doing so, however, means that many plants get contaminated water, harming them in the long run.

Roka is a filtration system for plants. Looking much like an upside down glass bottle with the bottom cut off, Roka gets inserted directly into the soil of the plant. Then, using several layers of filtration, the kit delivers only clean water into the soil. The top layer is fine sand which gets pathogens and microorganisms out of the water. Second, course sand keeps the fine sand above at bay. Third, charcoal pellets get chlorine and industrial solvents out. Last, the water passes through cotton balls which ensure that none of the sand or charcoal get into the plant. For one kit, backers can donate $50 on Kickstarter for delivery in July 2015. Roka hopes to raise a modest $1,750 in funding.

While the idea of a natural filtration system is appealing, it doesn’t seem necessary to filter tap water, especially for plants. Perhaps in places where the tap water is undrinkable Roka makes more sense. In addition, the campaign fails to clearly state how long each kit will last for. Still, the idea is interesting and Roka’s appealing aesthetic will surely make it popular.

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