RollPull lets you keep a convenient stash of toilet paper reserves

One of life’s essential bare necessities is toilet paper. Needing it and not having it absolutely causes a problem. In an effort to enable a reserve supply to be on hand, RollPull was created.

The plastic-looking pole attaches under a bathroom sink, and can hold up to four rolls of life-saving bathroom tissue. It can also be used to create a reserve supply of up to two rolls of paper towels by installing it in the kitchen. It doesn’t appear that any tools are needed to install the product, but it apparently has to be glued into place.

As long as one takes the time to keep an eye on the supply, this product may save its users from a lot of… awkward situations. It would be interesting if someone were to create an app that could somehow alert people to a low toilet paper supply—then no one would have to remember to put that item on the grocery list. That is, as long as they don’t forget their phone. This campaign seeks to raise $48,000 in funding. For $12, backers get one DIY kit with an expected delivery of June 2015.

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