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RollyCat prevents roly-poly cats by keeping them active

Lack of stimulation is the main reason behind the physical and mental issues that arise in household cats, leaving many owners seeking solutions to keep their little furry friends out while they’re out for the day.

Appearing like the head of an old WowWee robot, the RollyCat is a smart toy robot that automatically plays with a cat when its owner is not around, tracking its fitness levels while it does. Three modes define the RollyCat’s operation: its automatic mode reverts the home into a primal space where the cat can spend hours chasing around it an ever-escaping RollyCat, a manual mode facilitated by its iOS or Android app lets owners get in on the phone, and its fitness tracking capabilities saves the length and quality of playtime for later so owners are better informed.

The mobile app also features some social capabilities as well, so owners can stay in touch with friends or even follow other cool cats. A RollyCat is currently priced at $49, $50 off its eventual retail price, on its Indiegogo campaign. It’s slated to ship in December of 2016 should its $50,000 campaign goal be met by April 11th, 2016.

With the addition of wireless charging features and a constantly learning algorithm, the RollyCat seems like a step up from the very similar Mousr robotic mouse. Both are designed to engage a feline’s predatory instincts to stave off boredom, but the former more polished overall — even if the latter one ups it by actually being a mouse. Still, only time will tell if products like these have the potential to hold onto a cat’s attention over many days, months, and years.

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