RoPix sneakers designed for jump rope, won’t skip past your pledge

The Premise. Almost every sport has a dedicated shoe that helps improve performance and makes the experience of playing the sport better. But what about jumping rope? Many athletes jump rope extensively as part of their training, and their is also a whole world of competitive jump roping. Well, now, they have a specialized shoe.

The Product. The RoPix Jump Rope Shoe is designed to help jump ropers jump higher, work out longer, decrease pain and increase their overall fitness level. The shoes have extra internal padding that cushions and helps with rebound. In addition, they are lightweight and don’t have long laces that might get caught in the jumprope.

The Pitch. The video goes into great detail about the shoe itself, as well as the reasons for using Kickstarter. The text provides lots of diagrams and the evolution of the different shoes, as well as showing the user that RoPix is the official shoe of USA Jump Rope. The video also states alternate uses for the shoes, like yoga or martial arts.

The Perks. Aside from providing a great all-around shoe, this shoe really delivers for anyone who spends a lot of time jumping rope. Early birds will get a pair of the shoes for $55 – which is practically a steal for any type of sporting shoe! The shoes are available in multiple sizes and colors and are slated for delivery in May 2014.

The Potential. These lightweight, breathable shoes offer a lot of versatility and could soon be a staple in every athlete’s closet. Shoes like this are great because people are cutting back on their gym memberships and doing more workouts at home. Jumping rope is one of the most simple and effective exercises a person can do, and these shoes will help an athlete jumping longer, faster, and with less pain. That’s absolutely a win.

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