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Russian dolls rejoice as Talkase protects your phone with another phone

As much as our smartphones can do and as versatile they can be, there are some instances where having a smartphone actually isn’t the best idea. Parents who want to stay in touch with their kids don’t necessarily want to buy them a smartphone as much as business travelers who need two phones don’t really enjoy carrying them around. For those situations where an expensive and most of the time bulky smartphone isn’t the best choice, there’s the Talkase.

Talkase is an iPhone 5s, 6, or 6 Plus case that also houses an extremely slim, standalone quad-band GSM phone. The company intends Talkase to be the ultimate secondary phone either by working with its own SIM card, or facilitating phone calls and syncing contact lists with other smartphones through Bluetooth. The case has a small compartment that holds a pin and micro-SIM adapter as well, ensuring users will always have the capability to always use the Talkase phone. Backers have the choice of one of four colors for $45 with an estimated ship date of December 2014 as the campaign has already achieved success with their $60,000 campaign.

The phone itself is incredibly thin, measuring in at 5.5mm and coming complete with an OLED screen on which you can text, a calculator mode, and a 200mAh battery that offers three hours of talk time with 100 hours of standby. One of the best things about Talkase is how much girth it doesn’t add to an iPhone, avoiding the problem of making it too ungainly. On the other hand, there aren’t cases available for the wide range of other smartphones on the market — ultimately a very narrow focus.