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Saent PC accessory keeps you focused on work, not reading Backerjack as you should

Many people spend a large percentage of their work days on their computers. In many cases, their work would get done a lot faster if they weren’t constantly sidetracked by numerous online distractions.

patent-claimedSaent is a computer accessory that includes a small, circular smart device that acts as a large desktop button. When a user presses the button, a focused work session begins and Saent’s software starts working to block distracting apps and Web sites on the computer. Saent costs $39 as part of its Indiegogo campaign, including one year of premium service, and will ship in November. The retail price wasn’t set yet, but will likely be $49-$69, said its maker, who set a campaign goal of raising $100,000 by Aug. 7.

The Saent hardware doesn’t take up much space on the desk and could certainly come in handy for many consumers –- especially those who are easily distracted while working on their computers. Blocking out distractions could, however, lead to stress if the user is worried about missing something important, such as a crucial email. A “what you missed” report is planned for Saent in the future, allowing users to catch up on what they missed while working and blocking out distractions.

That report would be helpful, but won’t change the fact that some important things could be missed by the user throughout the work session. Some users will also likely find the Saent hardware itself unnecessary because its software could conceivably accomplish the main goal without it. And with the constant threat of distraction driven by smartphones and smartwatches,  users will have to utilize a bit more discipline than Saent can muster by itself.

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