SafeBand connected bracelet keeps notifications close, valuables closer

As much as people love their stuff, it’s strange to note just how easily people lose smartphones and other valuables. With everything so close to us all the time, one would think it difficult to do so, but the statistics show it happens more often than not. As a result, more and more products have entered the market promising peace of mind when it comes to valuables.

The SafeBand smart band should satiate those who demand more utility out of the devices they own. The product works in tandem with small, connected pendants called MiniTags that attach to any object. Bluetooth 4.1 allows the SafeBand to always keep users up-to-date with the location of anything they choose with notifications or a loud buzzer if something is seriously out of rangeall without a smartphone.

When a user isn’t trying to protect their things, the SafeBand can operate as a two-factor authentication method for smartphones, tablets, and computers, a notification center for smart devices that receives email and call updates, a sleep tracker to help users rest deeply and wake easily, and a fitness tracker that covers all the essentials like heart rate and distance traveled. All of this functionality is packed in a waterproof stainless steel casing that comes with a variety of leather or silicone strap colors. A set of one SafeBand and three MiniTags goes for $149, and is expected to ship March 2015 should the campaign reach its $100,000 goal.

SafeBand is sleek and extremely functional. They advertise and million and one different uses for the MiniTags, so anyone should be able to find many uses for it. Bands like the Hicon have offered notification trays directly on your wrist, but there isn’t band out there quite like the SafeBand.

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