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SandPiper taps an app for early detection of lung issues

The Premise. Lung health can be overlooked in a world obsessed with heart rate, nutrition and blood pressure. Most lung problems are caught only once they’ve developed into serious conditions. Without a doctor present, it can be difficult to monitor lung health to ensure that everything is okay. 

The Product. For lung health on the go, try the SandPiper. This product is a mini spirometer that plugs into any standard smart phone headphone jack to delivery immediate information about one’s lung health. You simply blow into the product and the information is immediate on the accompanying app that provides a full spirometric analysis. It’s made of medical grade ABS and uses an adapted type of wind power for energy. This power comes directly from the user when they go to test their respiratory function. 

The Pitch. SandPiper’s video shows a doctor talking about the realities of poor lung health. A bit obvious, perhaps, but quite effective. It also shows the product in use displaying how easy it is to carry around, facilitate and even wash (just throw it in the dishwasher). The rest of the campaign goes through what exactly the product measures and its other uses, including training your lungs to have better strength and capacity. SandPiper has a huge goal of $275,000 on Indiegogo.

The Perks. Early breathing backers will get the SandPiper for $55 or $64 which includes the product and ability to download the app. Regular price for the product on Indiegogo is $73 with estimated delivery set in December 2014. 

The Potential. Portable spirometers aren’t anything new. One that connects directly to an app on a smartphone is. The Orbit Portable Spirometer connects directly to one’s computer, but doesn’t organize the information on said computer. SandPiper’s app collects and remembers data, making it more effective in tracking lung health and history. The device itself couldn’t be simpler to use, wash or carry making it super convenient. All in all, the SandPiper is just the product for those concerned with their lung health. While it may not be needed by all, it is definitely essential for an older crowd that will appreciate its ease of use. 

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