FDA-approved Quell wearable uses stimulation to halt the hurt

Chronic pain is a vicious cycle that can affect one’s mood, energy level, and overall sleep quality. For the millions of people affected by chronic pain, finding the right mix of treatments to alleviate such discomfort, without causing any additional harm to one’s body, is a constant challenge.

Coming to the rescue, Neuromatrix’s Quell is a new wearable designed to target chronic pain all throughout body, no matter the underlying cause. The FDA-approved device works by stimulating neural pathways from the top of the calf using electrodes. This subsequently triggers a natural body-wide response that blocks pain signals and relieves pain in as little as 15 minutes. The system is based on already proven technology and can be connected to a companion iOS app to serve as a sleep monitor as well. A Quell can be had for $199, while additional one month supplies of electrodes go for $29. The $100,000 campaign is looking to ship the device in June 2015.

By creating a drug-free alternative to pain relief, NeuroMatrix has given millions of chronic pain sufferers an affordable and effective medical solution. Technology in general continues to transform the ways in which people view and handle medical treatment, with products like Amiko and VitaStiq being two such examples. This new breed of products are not only helpful to users, but they are helping to redefine how health care is administered throughout the United States.

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