Screen lets parents curb their kids’ screen addiction

Many parents would love to monitor the amount of time their kids spend using various devices –- especially when homework needs to be done.

patent-claimedScreen is a small set-top box that lets parents limit the screen time their kids are spending across devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, streaming set-top boxes, TVs and video game consoles. The device controls up to three TV-connected devices. But it works in conjunction with an Android and iOS app for parents that lets them monitor the use of any devices wherever they or their kids are.

Wherever the kids are, when it’s time for kids to be off their devices, Screen will turn them off. A custom message can be sent to notify them when a device will be turned off. The Screen app remotely tells parents where a device is and what’s playing on it. Parents can also add time to device usage, or shut off a device with a single swipe. However, even if a kid’s smartphone has been turned off by Screen, an emergency call can still be placed from the phone if need be. Screen ships late this year at $139. But consumers can pre-order it now for $99 from

There have been several devices designed to control device usage by kids. But several of them, including Kudoso, have been designed specifically to cut back on Internet access alone. The ability for parents to monitor all device usage by their kids inside or outside the home is appealing.

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